"Cu-ra-tor" Noun.

“One who has the care and superintendence of something; especially : one in charge of a museum, Archive or other place of exhibition.”


Our main agenda is to discover, learn, educate readers and share what we love with thousands of like minded individuals. 

The art of curation is not just limited to the occupation of certain people that work in a museum, library or archive of some sort. In this day and age it seems like everyone is in a way a curator of some sort, whether it be their own personal Instagram or Facebook account, compiling all types of mediums; images, and personal experiences to share with the world. It seems like the postmodern way to express oneself and share their own private interests and involvement with others, arranging them in a way that would seem to make sense. 

The internet contains non-curated information and is constantly expanding. It is now the only non-curated source of information we have. Categorising things is certainly a very human quality, creating content, guiding people by shaping tastes. We quickly learn the things we created, we started to learn about our past from things we choose to keep in the future. We need to categorise and curate in order to understand, process, and learn accordingly. 


By the culture, for the culture.