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My film photos range from daily routines, traveling to very intimate moments with my loved ones.

I always carry a camera with me, but I never leave the house thinking “today, I’m going to take a lot of photos”, it just happens in the moment, does this make sense?

The art of stopping time constantly keeps my mind sharp and aware of my surroundings. It kinda forces you to predict moments, to always be half a step ahead, so when something happens I just press the shutter button and seal the moment at the right time.

These days when I travel, I don’t carry my DSLR with me anymore. The reason why I choose to shoot film when I travel is because, I don’t want to be stuck in that beautiful moment when I’m standing on top of the mountain or at in front of the ocean checking if the photos turned out good, or was the framing a bit off, or how will I edit those photos. I just want to take one photo and hope it turns out nice then proceed to adore the views with my bare eyes.

Generally, I enjoy documenting life around me and my circle via photography. It’s my art of choice.

- Hayley Le


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