Hypend is a community in which content is often curated and shared for Scandinavian streetwear (& Finnish/Nordic streetwear) fans across our social media platforms that are listed on our ABOUT page.

where can I find the Hypend Facebook Group rules?

You can find the Hypend Facebook Group rules from Hypend’s COMMUNITY page.

Why I am not accepted into the Hypend Facebook group?

Try joining the group again but first make sure that your Facebook profile follows the CRITERIA listed on our website. Hope this helps and thank you for being interested in our group.

I can’t post comments or sales post in the group, why is that?

This means that you have been “muted” in our Facebook group.

As listed in our RULES, group members are muted for 7 days if they have disobeyed any of the group rules.

You will be able to post comments and sales posts again to the group after the specified time period has passed.

can you legit check an item for me?

Sure, you can EMAIL US or contact us on FACEBOOK, but if you want to be more sure about its authenticity, you can post a LEGIT CHECK” to HYPEND’S FACEBOOK GROUP and get feedback from a larger group of people.

Can I Auction My Items or Raise The Prices of the Items I Am Selling?

No. As explained in our HYPEND FACEBOK GROUP RULES, the price you are asking for your items, or the BIN price, can only be reduced, never raised. Raising your price will result in an immediate ban from the group without warning.

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