Exclusive: The adidas Supercourt

We got an exclusive first look at our favourite silhouette out of the ten – the adidas Supercourt.

Just in time for summer adidas reinvents ten archival silhouettes through the Home of Classics concept. We thought of interesting ways to introduce our readers to this shoe and rather than going the usual route of using big influencers, we thought it would be a cool idea to hand out the new Supercourt sneakers to a few of our followers and staff. So we did! On they went to photograph and style their outfits on their own. Additionally, we asked them to give us a short description about their chosen style around the Supercourt. We are excited to share the results below!

“I’m loving different warm, brown shades at the moment. Even though the shoes are quite sporty, they still match with this more down-to-earth style as well. Very versatile and easy to style!” - Sofi

“For the last couple of years I have been super in to work wear and the aesthetic of it. So I felt that it would be only right to pair these beautiful minimalistic shoes with the workwear aesthetic that I have on. The shoes are hella comfy and they have amazing details, craftsmanship and leather quality in my opinion. They work well with a wide legged trousers and i cant wait to beat them down and see the characteristics of the leather when its worn in.” - Karim

“I like outfits thats have something special in them, whether it’s a statement piece or bold sneakers. With the Supercourt, I love that they are so minimal that I can pair them with pretty much anything. For my outfit I wanted to contrast the new leather of the sneakers with a vintage leather blazer.” - Ronja

“The adidas Supercourt is an extremely subtle shoe with tasteful design details. The sizing info on the shoe tongue is a nice touch and I feel these shoes are a really heavy contender to the AF1’s. These shoes fit almost any occasion as the all-white shoe is minimal, timeless and easy to pair with pretty much anything. For my outfit I paired the shoes with dark tones and heavy moleskin materials to complement the luxurious leather feel of the Supercourts. ” - Joel

“I’ve always been a fan of sneaks that are a bit too big. I like wearing loose pants and the shoes have always been a bit too small to go well with my shoes. Adidas came up with a model that falls down perfectly with my wardrobe. Say it is a pair of skinny jeans or loosely fitted pair pants, this pair is a match made in heaven.” - Kim

“Simplicity and pastel colors are the themes I use in my everyday outfits. I always start with the shoes. Aesthetics is something I appreciate whether its fashion, art or a beautiful landscape.” - Veikko

“The idea behind the adidas Supercourt 'Blanc' shoes is minimality and calm colors, I love it. I used it as my advantage when choosing the outfit around the shoes. Black cargo pants, basic comfort colors white t-shirt + adding a little colors with a flannel shirt i bought from UFF. This shoe does not ’scream’ adidas and in fact the only branding you can find is a small Adidas logo on the back of the shoe. In my opinion the Supercourt silhouette is the one that Adidas should be bringing to the market. Simple & minimal but at the same time stylish and successful concept.” - Uge

Look out for the new adidas Supercourt at your local retailers and adidas.com on the 1st of June.

*The shoe is now available!*