Top 10 Nordic Streetwear Instagram Accounts to Follow


Listed below are some of the most interesting streetwear-related Instagram influencers currently in our radar that are based in the Nordic countries.

We included streetwear-related Instagram accounts only based in Finland in our last Previous Top 10 Streetwear Instagram Accounts List, so this time we decided to broaden our scope a little bit and branch out to the other Nordic countries in search of the most interesting people our region has to offer. And believe us, we had a hard time deciding which individuals we should include as the Nordic streetwear game is extremely strong and has so much to offer. In fact, as we mentioned previously, many countries around the world have recently turned their eyes to the Scandinavian streetwear game.

Note: The list is not in any specific order.




Veneda Bundy - Venedaanastasia on Instagram - is a Copenhagen-based fashion model that spends a lot of time with streetwear industry insiders in Los Angeles. Her classic, yet unique take on streetwear culture is very refreshing in the Scandinavian fashion scene. Her aesthetics consists of dope cars, oversized tees, sneakers, vintage streetwear pieces, and much more.



Ida Broen’s Instagram feed consists of timeless streetwear pieces, dad sneakers and bucket hats. This Nordic Instagram Influencer based in Oslo, Norway told Envelope that she has even designed a shoe for New Balance. Ida Broen has truly mastered a style that does not go unnoticed in the streetwear world, which has traditionally been primarily dominated by men.



Olav Stubberud from Rykkinn, Norway has an exceptionally unique style when it comes to the Nordic streetwear standards with a simplistic style that looks fresh as hell. The snowboarding photographer, turned into a social media phenomenon today follows and documents the lifestyles of some of the world’s best-known and coolest artists, such as Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Halsey and G-Eazy. For more about his work, you can visit Olav Subberud’s personal website.




Magnus, a Denmark based streetwear fashion influencer that spends most of his time in London is a genius with mixing down-to-earth colors with oversized and classic pieces. His laid-back style does not go unnoticed in the Nordic streetwear game.




Anders Gran, @Anders_gran on Instagram, from Oslo, Norway has a style that mixes vintage clothes, earthy colors and work wear with classic sneakers and tattoos. His timeless and simplistic style both celebrates and remains true to the minimalistic northern European aesthetics.



Klara Kassman, a Lidingö, Sweden based fashion influencer has skyrocketed from a city just outside of Stockholm into the high fashion model world. Her laidback and timeless personal style mixes simple colors with occasional hype pieces.



Mads Emil Grove Møller, a stylist and a PodPassion podcast host from Copenhagen, Denmark has a pretty flamboyant style when it comes to the Scandinavian and Nordic streetwear standards. His Instagram feed consists of hyped streetwear pieces that rocks in cool locations around the world.




Alex Beckmans from Malmö, Sweden has a truly exceptional style that mixes edgy colors and comedic captions with extremely dope one-off streetwear pieces, as seen on the photos she posts on her Instagram feed. This young-gun is the definition of cool.



Mikey Estrada, a dude originally from Los Angeles who moved to Copenhagen Denmark a while ago, is incredibly talented with his fashion sense. His style is partly influenced by the 1970s disco vibes and partly by the glam rock scene that developed in United Kingdom during the same era. Mikey, @Mikeyestrada_, is definitely a one Nordic streetwear influencer to follow.




Piapiepop, or ‘Momo’s’ Instagram consists of timeless streetwear pieces, minimalistic art, and sleek designs. This beautiful, partly Japanese trendsetter from Stockholm, Sweden has an authentic, aesthetically very pleasing take on the culture that could allow her to become a global phenomenon.

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