JVG Racing Pt.1 | PME Store


JVG is launching a new merch line, “Racing,” for their upcoming tour called “PUITA UUNIIN TOUR 2019.”

The first Instalment of the JVG Racing Collection will be available on the PME Online Store on the 14th of June.


The theme for the collection is racing, which is noticeable throughout the collection that heavily includes racing flags and fonts commonly used in the racing world aesthetics. Having a racing print on a tie-dye brings a super cool mixture to the otherwise monochromatic hoodies and shirts used in the JVG Racing Pt. 1 collection.

Browse the rest of the JVG Racing Pt. 1 collection below:

The “CHOSEN ONE” hoodie above is designed by Gettomasa and has already be seen on the official Finnish Ice Hockey World Championship Gold Medal Party Stage in Helsinki as it was worn by some of the hockey players.

Additionally, the “JVG Racing Pt. 1” collection includes guest designs by Töölön Ketterä, Pajafella & Gettomasa.

For those who didn’t know, PME is the music label founded by the artist duo behind JVG themself and the PME store is the online merchandise store for the artists of the label. There are already loads of different designs from different artists ranging from TIPPA merch that even Kanye West wore to ALMA’s merch that has been seen all over the world.