Blockfest x Hypend Design Contest

Our team at Hypend teamed up with Blockfest to organize a design contest for their this year’s official festival merchandise. For those who haven’t heard of Blockfest, it’s the largest hip hop festival held in the Nordic countries. It’s held in Tampere, Finland at the end of every summer.

We wanted to provide an opportunity and a platform for designers from all levels to have their work published. The winning designs will be sold in limited quantities at the Festival this summer, and the winners will be awarded cash prizes, Blockfest festival tickets, and, most importantly, clout.

More specifically:

  • 1st Price: 1000€ & 2-day Blockfest Festival Ticket

  • 2nd Price: 500€ & 2-day Blockfest Festival Ticket

  • 3rd Price: 250€ & 2-day Blockfest Festival Ticket

That’s dope, right?


To participate in the competition, follow these instructions.

  1. Design a print either for a t-shirt or a hoodie. The chosen designs will be printed on black garments, so take this in consideration in your designs. FYI, The use of photos and names of artists in your designs is strictly prohibited due to copyright issues. However, you can freely use Blockfest of Hypend logos in your designs if you wish to do so. You can download Blockfest’s logos from here.

  2. Submit your ready designs, along with your contact information, to:

  3. The competition will run from 13.3.2019 to 31.3.2019.