MAKIA X Flow Festival

Scandinavian Streetwear at its finest

Photography by Mona Salminen

Photography by Mona Salminen


Flow Festival and clothing brand Makia have joined forces to create a rare, limited edition clothing collection for Flow Festival 2018. Makia is a modern clothing company from Helsinki that reflects the Finnish tradition of simple straightforward design. Makia produces easily approachable and timeless pieces that excel in quality and functionality. Makia and Flow have a similar background, since both started from the idea of creating a unique experience for friends and then evolved alongside Helsinki as the city earned its current status of a Nordic cultural hub.


The Flow x Makia collection consists of black and white pieces with a modern urban feel, with prints familiar from the festival’s visual identity. Flow’s visual identity and prints of the collection are created by the design agency TSTO. The line includes totes, organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies and specialties such as zip hoodies and sweatshirts, as well as beanies and a raincoat, which are suitable for all Northern seasons.

The collection will be available on Friday June 15th at the Makia webstore, Makia flagship store in Helsinki, and at World of TRE. Makia x Flow Festival products will also be sold at the festival, taking place on August 10 - August 12 at Suvilahti, Helsinki.



As one of the most interesting music festivals in Europe at the moment, Flow Festival combines Helsinki’s small town charm with world class musical, arts and culinary experiences. Just a stone’s throw away from Makia's headquarters in the harbour of Helsinki, the two have a similar background, starting from an idea of creating an unique experience for friends, that has since evolved along with Helsinki’s current status as a Nordic cultural hub.

This year's festival features performances from Kendrick Lamar, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Arctic Monkeys and many more.


Makia x Flow Festival - Scandinavian-Streetwear


HYPEND will be attending Flow Festival this year - so stay tuned for plenty of content from us.  Also, feel free to take a trip down memory lane and check out what we did last year with our friends at Makia here.