Why NIKE P-6000 is Unique in the Sneaker World

The revival of old-school running shoes has been an ever-present trend in 2019’s fashion scene.

The Nike P-6000s more than play their role in the ‘new-retro’ wave, yet, they stand alone from the crowd.


Nike P-6000

Riding the wave of hyped up retro sneaker revivals.

NIKE P-6000 ‘CNPT Silver’

(Image courtesy of HYPEBEAST)

A shoe that was reborn at the turn of 2019, the Nike P-6000 is a silhouette that has grown immensely popular throughout the year.

The model fuses vibes of the 2000s with a modern twist aligning similarly to sneakers from A-Cold-Wall (ACW), such as the A Cold Wall x Nike Zoom Vomero 5, as well as the Nike M2K Tekno. It’s a shoe that takes it to place in the broader trend, where throwback concepts are coming to the forefront of the scene, yet, the P-6000 remains very under the radar.

From the surface, it’s chunky, structured upper is nothing too out of the ordinary. In fact, it has close connections with the A-Cold-Wall x Nike’s Zoom Vomero 5, as seen below.

Nike MK2 Tekno Team Orange

(Images courtesy of Nike.com)


A Cold Wall x Nike Zoom Vomero 5

(Images courtesy of Sneakernews.com)


So why has Nike P-6000 had such a different impact on sneaker culture?

The Nike P-6000’s influence operates in a similar way that Kamil Abbas, Shane Gonzales, and Matt Henson influence ASAP Rocky’s creative outlet and a clothing brand AWGE.

Both do a lot, without really taking any limelight away from the stand-out performers in the industry.


Samuel Ross, ACW Designer

NIKE P-6000 ‘Metallic Silver’

(Image courtesy of HYPEBEAST)

Collaborations with designers modifying other sneakers, such as the one with Samuel Ross’ ACW, are immensely more known throughout fashion. The connection with such a talented designer, as well as an impressive silhouette, means the ACW x Nike catches people’s attention as an old-school inspired sneaker more frequently than the P-6000

Yet, behind the scenes, the P-6000 has a high status in the industry. Fusing two models of the Pegasus, the ‘25’ and the ‘2006, it provides a link between vintage and the current culture.

Nike Air Pegasus 25 (Image courtesy of Complex)

Nike Air Pegasus 25 (Image courtesy of Complex)

Nike Air Pegasus 2006 (Image courtesy of Complex)

Nike Air Pegasus 2006 (Image courtesy of Complex)

The model is the perfect middle-ground, and Nike has allowed it space to breathe in its original form successfully.

As modern favorites, such as the Air Max 97 and Nike Air Zoom Spiridon, have perhaps burnt out, as far too many colorways have entered the fray. However, the Nike P-6000 holds only a few variations and is yet to receive any shoe-specific collaborations.

Nike Airmax 97 (Image courtesy of Flightclub)

Nike Air Zoom Spiridon (Image courtesies of Flightclub & HypeDC)

The silhouette is rare on its own accord, with no limited editions needed. It needs no marketing or expansive color palette to see itself worn across the world. And, in its rarity, its most impressive aspect is that only those who delve the online stores find this hidden gem, despite the fact it is discoverable across an array of outlets.

This mash-up of Pegasus creations carries itself uniquely in the sneaker scene. It provides futuristic vibes while being very currently on-trend, the P-6000 does this all from its vintage heritage, making it truly timeless.

NIKE P-6000 ‘CNPT Black’

(Image courtesy of HYPEBEAST)

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