Eetu Räisänen of AITO Studios

Subject: Eetu Räisänen / Founder at AITO Studios

HYPEND: Thanks for taking the time to sit down down with us! I know you are a busy man so lets make this quick! How did you first get into designing clothes?

All good! I've always loved to play with clothing. Never took it too seriously though, but when I graduated from high school I didn't want to go to university to study more math so I decided to go and pursue my true passion and went to a traditional tailor school.

HYPEND: What was your first significant experience with clothing growing up?

Tetuan 3XL blankkos.

HYPEND: Do you find it difficult to distinguish yourself as an artist and to find your own personal style?

No. I know what I like and I think I've done a good job making clothes that look like me.

HYPEND: Which designer has inspired you the most?

Damir Doma, Boris Bidjan Saberi and Raf Simons.

HYPEND: What changed you from going from designing for yourself as a hobby to becoming a full-time occupation?

Passion for clothes and the lack of interest for "normal" work.

HYPEND: What typically inspires your work?

Things I see daily. People, music, places, feelings, shapes and surfaces. 

HYPEND: How do you think Finnish streetwear culture has evolved throughout the years?

It's going in to a good direction. Young guns poppin' up everywhere. People making cool shit with more international and professional touch all the time. Can't wait to see what the next few years holds for us.

HYPEND: How can we expect your work to evolve in the future?

More and more all the time. Expanding the selection of clothing on the webshop, more customs, more bespoke wear, collaborations.. it's good bro.


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