Hypend Exclusive: Kasperg | Finnish Artist & Producer Mastermind

We caught up with KASPERG backstage as he was preparing his set at Valkoinen Sali. Since arriving on the scene in 2014 KASPERG has been making serious waves in the electronic music world. 

HYPEND: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us! When did you first get into music?

No worries! Hmmmm.. it's a mystery, but for some reason unknown, when I was 6 years old I told my family that I'll become a drummer. Back then my mom played the piano and dad the guitar, so there might be your lead...

Catching up with KASPERG backstage. Photo by:  Leo Lexter

Catching up with KASPERG backstage. Photo by: Leo Lexter

HYPEND: How did you first start producing house music? Where did it all begin?

The first track that I ever produced was actually dubstep (with garage band, yaaaas!!) House / disco / chillwave / rapbeats etc all came at the same time, so I guess the reason for that is that I enjoy creating sounds that sums up to these genres.

HYPEND: Which artists inspire you the most?

There's so many that it's hard to say... But it's crazy how blessed I'm with many creative friends and how much inspiration I get from them - a really good example is my room mate Perttu in Berlin. Generally when people are doing something that they love it comes out naturally and that inspiring.

HYPEND: How do you go about starting a new project?

It might start from a synth/vocal melody that's playing in my head, percussion loop idea, atmosphere iPhone recording or having beers with friends... So many many different ways, it's a really fascinating process.

HYPEND: We are impressed with your drumming career from playing in Constables to touring with Alma. How has the ability to play real instruments change the way you make music?

Of course it has a huge impact - I feel like I have way more perspective than someone who's only "played" his laptop. I also toured for over one year with bro Noah Kin, that was really instructive.

HYPEND: You have recently launched your own record label Lost Favourite Records, how has this changed your day-to-day life?

It gives me the freedom to release music properly when I want to, so I gotta say that it's pretty fucking awesome hahhah.  Oh btw my next single will be out in a few weeks!

HYPEND: Where do you draw inspiration to your music?

So many things inspire me, but I have few favourites: friends, sounds, colours, pretty girls, good vibes.

HYPEND: Do you consider yourself more as an artist or entrepreneur?

Most definitely both, but I'm sure that one day I'll start to put more time and energy into the business side - grow my label etc.. right now all the artist/musician stuff is going well, so better focus on that!

KASPERG is set to release his new single on Friday the 12th of May. To stay updated, make sure to follow KASPERG on Instagram here!

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